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Over 60 years ago, Lakeside set the benchmark in manufacturing excellence when the first 311 stainless steel cart was introduced to the Foodservice Industry. Thousands of products and over sixty years later, Lakeside Manufacturing is known as the BEST mobile solutions provider of award-winning utility carts and state-of-the-art industrial and material handling equipment.

Lakeside took that heritage and expanded it over a comprehensive product line that transports and offers storage solutions for the Industrial market.

Lakeside wants to be your mobile solutions provider for the next sixty years. Lakeside has evolved from the stainless steel cart company to Ingenuity on Wheels.

2015 Industrial Product Guide

What's New

Lakeside now features its new Hitch Lock System on PlusPowerTM Tugs!

We recently added a product enhancement to our PlusPower Tugs called Hitch Lock. To see Hitch Lock in action click here.

How can the Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug help provide a safer and more productive workplace?

We talked to one of our customers, a pharmaceutical company that continually pushes heavy loads down the hallway. After an ergonomic review of the company took place, the repetitive task raised a red flag and the insurance company recommended equipment that would reduce the risk of injury. The company turned to the Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug. [Read More]

New! Products

Wire Security Carts

Wire Security Cart

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Power Equipment Tug

Model 8162

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