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Lakeside Adds Its New “Hitch Lock System” On PlusPower TM Tugs!

We recently introduced a brand new feature to our PlusPower Tugs to ensure that towed carts will not become disconnected while being pulled up a hill or ramp.  This new feature, called a Hitch Lock” consists of a hinged clamp that rotates over a cart hitch’s male pin once the pin is secured into the coupling on a PlusPower Tug

Hitch Lock For Power Tug

How Can The Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug Help Provide A Safer And More Productive Workplace?

We talked to one of our customers, a pharmaceutical company that continually pushes heavy loads down the hallway. After an ergonomic review of the company took place, the repetitive task raised a red flag and the insurance company recommended equipment that would reduce the risk of injury. The company turned to the Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug.  The power tug not only reduces the risk of on-the-job injuries, but increases productivity, saves time, and can greatly benefit companies such as this one. To learn how the Ergo-One Plus Power Tug can be a key component in creating OSHA-compliant work environments and pull a variety of carts with little operator effort, check out our detailed information here.

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